A School designed with you in mind

Colleen and I got to work together a handful of times in 2018 and now again in 2020. We kicked off 2018 with a Greyback workshop and shortly after I attended a deeper all day workshop of hers. 

Colleen helped me find what my true purpose/calling is in this life. And when you hear “everything is already within you” it’s 10000% true. She’s your guide who can help you get down to the good stuff. The stuff you need to look at, examine and maybe even work on. I had a lot of work to do I realized, but I also kept going back to my purpose and asked myself (often) does this serve my life purpose? And if the answer was no, I could freely move on or say no. I even said no to a handful of relationships that were no longer serving me (trust me the heartbreak was so damn real, but I knew that person no longer apart of my journey). 

I try every day to live my authentic, highest self because I want to show up as her; I’m proud of this woman I’ve become. Colleen is truly a beautiful light that will help guide you. It’s not about crystals and woowoo stuff, it’s about YOU. Do you want to live or just float by and simply exist?

- Alissa Masuda, greybackclub.com

“Being a body worker myself and I have had many healing sessions. I have never had a session as profound as I have had with Dr. Colleen. Her sessions help me feel good in my body but what is so interesting is that, for the days to follow, I experience expansion and growth. She always calls or texts me to check in. I feel so supported, seen and heard. I know when I am not feeling good, or something is up in my life, I can make an appointment and gain clarity and release. She is really magical. I’m so grateful to have found her. And more grateful to have her support moving forward in my life, aware and alive”.

-Liz W.